Friday, April 30, 2010

Reality Check: Brendan Fraser

Welcome to Reality Check*, a poorly-named semi-regular feature wherein we'll examine a confusing aspect of a famous person's career. Today, Brendan Fraser. Enjoy.

Brendan Fraser's latest vehicle, Furry Vengeance, is opening this weekend. Judging by the reviews (2% on RT)(yes, that's 0-2-%), the film will not be much of a crowd pleaser.

It seems to be another unfortunate role for Fraser, who has spent most of his career dabbling in teen comedies (see: Encino Man) or family-friendly tripe (see: George of the Jungle).

Fraser is capable of more, though, and it's a shame he hasn't chosen projects that utilize his talent.

What am I talking about, you ask?

Brendan Fraser, I'd like to remind you, dear readers, was one of the best parts of a film from 2004.

The film was Crash. He played Sandra Bullock's distant husband. It won Best Picture.

Brendan Fraser was one of the first-billed actors in a film that won the Academy's highest honor.

Think about that this weekend when you pass the poster for Furry Vengeance on your way to see any other film that's currently out.

*Have a better name for this feature? I beg you: leave it in the comments.


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