Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Mini-Post: what's filming at The Bean?

Chicago's monument to... expensive shining things.

Welcome to Monday Mini-Posts, a new semi-regular feature that will run when I have a short anecdote, observation, or opinion to share that is too long for Twitter (@ihateyourfavmov) and it happens to be a Monday after a week wherein I was too busy to post a review. Enjoy!

I happened to be in downtown Chicago this past Friday afternoon, and as it was a warm and picturesque day I decided to take a walk through Millennium Park before heading out of the Loop.

As I headed north past Scary Faces Spitting Water Fountain (called the Crown Fountain), I saw a sizable crowd gathering by The Bean. The Bean, actually named Cloud Gate, which makes sense inasmuch it looks like a cloud of liquid mercury trying to devour tourists and financial analysts, has been a recognizable Chicago landmark since it was birthed onto the AT&T Plaza in 2006.

On this Friday afternoon, The Bean was roped off, and several sandwich boards proclaimed that a Motion Picture was Filming, and that by Being Present all civilians were giving their Consent to have their Faces and Voices used in the Film.

I am a film guy. I've shot some movies in my day, so obviously I wandered by to see what was being made. The latest Jennifer Aniston rom com? The third Christopher Nolan Batman pic? A commercial for laxatives?

Once I reached the top of the plaza, all I saw was a bunch of equipment strewn about and a crew of three guys lazily pushing a camera cart around The Bean. It was quickly obvious I wasn't going to catch a glimpse of John Larroquette or Vince Vaughn, so I tightened the strap of my hipster-douchebag messenger bag and began to wander towards the train.

I passed by a group of girls overwhelmed by the possibility of seeing a star in action. What could this movie be? they asked. Can you see anyone famous? they queried. Seeing a chance to be a wiseass, I made my move.

Do you know what's filming here? they asked me as I passed especially close to their huddling.

Why, it's Pirates of the Caribbean 4! I casually replied.

Yours truly must have one hell of a deadpan.

They scampered off, looking for Johnny Depp.

I wish I was joking.


  1. Mind if I steal that line? I'll be sure to give you proper attribution when recounting the hilarious tale to anyone willing to listen.

  2. Snark away, Ms. Bahr.

    Everyone else, check out for astute observations on things I don't understand, like fashion and culture.