Monday, March 29, 2010

"Hot Tub Time Machine": it delivers exactly what it promises

There was a hot tub. was a time machine.

TOO MUCH: Jism jokes.

COULD HAVE USED MORE: Chevy Chase, explanation of the bear costume guy, Thomas Lennon, a reference to Karate Kid involving the words "body bag," "get him," and "yeah."

FILM SNOB NOTE: Scene-stealer Crispin Glover was in a movie about time travel! John Cusack did a movie where he sat on a counter with a girl! Clark Duke is kind of a tub himself!

IHYFM RATING: THREE AND A HALF out of FIVE MEHS. It delivers what it promises, there's some great laughs throughout, especially throw-away lines underscoring the ridiculousness of the premise and the time-travel logic. It loses a little steam in the third act though, and for every clever bit to be found there's a few obvious dick/poop jokes. You know me. I like my dick/poop jokes high-minded. If you liked the trailer (which I did), you'll enjoy the movie (which I did).

IF YOU SAID THIS WAS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIE, I'D THINK: I'll go skiing with you, but please don't make any sports bets that involve my johnson.

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