Monday, May 17, 2010

An arbitrary achievement!

As I planned this week's articles (summer movie previews and a quick rundown of stuff I've seen recently), I noticed that with the previous musing on the imminent Battleship disaster, I Hate Your Favorite Movie passed the benchmark of fifty total posts.

I've had a lot of fun these past months, from the inaugural too-lukewarm review of Inglourious Basterds, to the deconstruction of the already-forgotten megahit 2012. I thoroughly enjoyed one half of the Seth Rogen movies I saw in 2009. Some lousy movies made millions, and some great ones were hardly seen. I'm happy a friend found a reflection on Groundhog Day surprisingly poignant, and another one is amused to no end at how much I hate Avatar. We've looked at movies that deliver a visceral message artfully, and movies that artfully avoid saying anything.

You'll see a few changes to the site. I added a blogroll featuring major sites I follow for film news and critiques, as well as some verbal playgrounds of sharp associates of mine. I urge you to bookmark The Junior Varsity, which has been growing steadily and amassing quite the team of pop culture critics, and where I've been honored to have my work syndicated. If you read something you like, feel free to share it with your social networks with the AddThis bar I'll be encoding at the end of all future posts. Think I'm too verbose? Follow me on Twitter (@ihateyourfavmov) for snarkisms and mini-reviews in 140 characters or less.

Throughout this creative undertaking, my passion for film, and its ability to let me reflect on my own life and the world around me, has only grown. I can't say where the next fifty posts will lead, but I'd be honored if you take the journey with me.

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