Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Hate the Oscars: Best Supporting Actress Nods

On Oscar night, ANYTHING can happen.

It's Oscar season! It's referred to by advertisers as "the Super Bowl for women"! I'm a film snob so the results usually just piss me off!

Let's take a look at the women nominated for almost starring in movies this past year.

Before you accuse me of being sexist, I fully intend using that joke for the upcoming Best Supporting Actor write-up, so suck on it (male and female) bitches.

Penelope Cruz, "Nine"
WHY SHE'S NOMINATED: I haven't seen this, so I have no idea. Gams?

CRITICAL RESPONSE: "Nine" has a whopping 37% on RT.

IHYFM RESPONSE: The only movie I saw with "9" in the title was "District 9". Nothing nearly as pretty as Penelope Cruz was in that film. The trailer, however, looked like a Baz Luhrmann wet dream.

WILL SHE WIN?: Doubtful. There's a lot more buzz around the other nominees for far-better reviewed films.

Vera Farmiga, "Up In The Air"
WHY SHE'S NOMINATED: It's a fascinating, and very 3-dimensional character, played well by Farmiga.

CRITICAL RESPONSE: The film was well-received initially (before the backlash, the backlash to the backlash, and the follow up backlash after the backlash to the backlash). Farmiga's performance was one of many that helped elevate the film.

IHYFM RESPONSE: I enjoyed the film, and thought that all the major players in the cast held their own. One of my favorite moments with Farmiga was an early one with Clooney when they compare their corporate credit cards.

WILL SHE WIN?: This critic thinks she's one of the fore-runners in this five-member race.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, "Crazy Heart"
WHY SHE'S NOMINATED: More or less, because she's Maggie Gyllenhaal. Not to knock her, but her role in "Crazy Heart" could have been carried by more or less anyone.

CRITICAL RESPONSE: The consensus within the critical community is that Bridges' performance is what carries an otherwise run-of-the-mill redemption story.

IHYFM RESPONSE: I thought the movie was fine, Bridges was good, and Maggie was fine. She's been better in other projects, and I actually think her better performance of 2009 was in "Away We Go".

WILL SHE WIN?: How many friends does she have that are voting members in the academy?

Anna Kendrick, "Up In The Air"
WHY SHE'S NOMINATED: Her character in "Up In The Air" is the catalyst for Clooney's self-actualization (and Farmiga is the gut check), and as a spunky recent college grad that is too big for her britches, she's great.

CRITICAL RESPONSE: See above. Kendrick also got high marks from the critics.

IHYFM RESPONSE: I thought Kendrick was very good - especially a scene where she has too much to drink, and her last moment in the film.

WILL SHE WIN?: She has a decent shot. Farmiga might have an edge over her, but make no mistake, her performance was solid.

Mo'Nique, "Precious"
WHY SHE'S NOMINATED: She's the "punch" of the "Precious" sucker punch.

CRITICAL RESPONSE: Very favorable. The press thinks enough of her performance to give her a pass on the whole not-shaving-her-legs thing.

IHYFM RESPONSE: I still haven't been able to bring myself to see it. I have no doubt it's good, but I have yet to find myself in the mood to see it.

WILL SHE WIN?: There's a solid chance the hairiest legs to grace the stage this year won't belong to Robin Williams.

IHYFM UPDATE: I forgot to mention a few performances I thought were missing from the list.


- Lorna Raver as Sylvia Ganush, the curse-dealing gypsy from Drag Me To Hell
- Marcia Jean Kurtz as Paul's Mom, the condiment-hording, call-in show interrupting mom of the ultimate loser/Giants fan in Big Fan
- Sari Lennick as Judith Gopnik, the get-seeking wife in A Serious Man
- Melanie Laurent as Shosanna Dreyfus, the Nazi-burning cinema owner in Inglourious Basterds

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