Monday, August 24, 2009

Why you have terrible taste in movies

Just face it. You have terrible taste in movies.

Your taste is terrible because you have friends with terrible taste. Your local movie critic has terrible taste. Most the movies you have seen have been #1 at the box office, which means you see movies that most Americans have seen. This, in of itself, is irrefutable proof that you have terrible taste.

Luckily for you, you've found me. My taste could kick the ever-loving shit out of your taste. My taste is sophisticated. My taste is top-tier educated. My taste wants to reach out to your taste and mentor it into a taste you can be proud of, a taste that will shame the taste of your idiot friends.

I will share my taste with you in the form of movie reviews for both current and past releases. I trust if you read enough, my taste will become your taste, and then, through the transitive property, you will have good taste.

Be forwarned, though: even though my taste is far superior to your taste, my taste, for whatever reason, which we will soon explore, liked "Step Brothers".

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